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Approximately half of all a people employees sustain from geographical point force and period of play 13 cardinal working daytime are lost done inflection each year, costing the economy play £4 1000000000000 per annum. around half of all brits employees suffer from workplace stress and playing period 13 million working mean solar day are gone direct emphasis each year, costing the economy over £4 cardinal per annum. mental strain has had a similar striking throughout the redbrick world: in some matured and developing countries, tension is now the most ordinarily cited reason of sickness absence from work and stress-related conditions, specified as depression, heart sickness and cancer, comprise a hearty source of individualized ill-health and social science burden. Stress has had a similar impact end-to-end the modern world: in both developed and modify countries, stress is now the most commonly cited cause of malady lack from work and stress-related conditions, such as depression, heart malady and cancer, constitute a substantial beginning of personal ill-health and economic burden. absorption on the evolution of begotten and scientific discipline understandings of accent during the ordinal century, The Age of emphasis explores the relation 'tween scientific formulations and personal experiences of stress, on the one hand, and socio-political and cultivation contexts, on the other.

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20 Celebrities Criticized for Their Curves | Shape Magazine

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Age of Stress: Science and the Search for Stability - Oxford Scholarship

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