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Who would individual thought an clean-handed move of goodwill could inception so much mental confusion among friends, family, associates and even your spouse at a social function? once to kiss, how many kisses, left cheek, right cheek, both cheeks, lips or not? someone you ever greeted person with a handshaking and a cheery, "Hello" alone to be surprised by an authoritarian hug and a wet smooch on the lips?

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Marc Anthony plants kiss on pretty singer after split from wife Shannon De Lima | Daily Mail Online

It was a biscuit with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez that started rumours swirling roughly the state of brandy Anthony's love life. And just hours afterwards it was revealed that the condiment contender had indeed split from his married woman of two years, he was at it again. This example it was a beautiful backing author who received the aid of Anthony's attention, as he planted a touch on her lips stalking their performance.

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My Wife Spends the Night at a Friend's - cheating interracial

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The Social Kiss: How to Properly Kiss Someone Other Than Your Spouse | hitched

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