Anal sex cause pregnancy

I'm not in truth hurt anymore, so I was wondering if anal sex would be out of the question. If you have porta sex you are death to concern pressure to that area as well. said not to break thing into the vagina until afterward 6 weeks, but he ne'er mentioned thing about not having anal sex. Any year you have is in the perineum, the area betwixt the epithelial duct and the anus. We've forever been very sexually active so this 6 weeks sector is sidesplitting us.

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Can butt sex cause pregnancy? - Quora

Not unless there’s a perforation in the liner that separates the city from the vagina. The otherwise choice is the dick not existence cleansed and wrung out tightly enough so that there’s no “swimmers” engaged to it when making the transfer body part to the vagina.

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Unprotected anal sex, pregnancy risks, and self-abortion | Scarleteen

When I had porta sex, it was two weeks after my period had ended. Every STI (some people also call them STDs) you can get from vaginal sex -- including HIV -- can be contracted via anal sex, and walking around with an unknown and unprocessed STI can actually modify a nutriment of your condition and your life. One night, I had opening sex, unprotected, but I didn't orgasm. Please read though, that naked anal sex, like unprotected vaginal sex, is a bad thing to do, in terms of pregnancy but far more so in period of time of sexually transmitted infections. My periods unremarkably come in anyplace from the 12th-to the 15th of the month. If you think I might be pregnant, could you give me few self-abort advice, I can NOT tell my mother, and I hold no way of getting a physiological condition test. It doesn't sound to me like there has been thing unusual in your cycles if for a little while, you had periods from the 12th - 15th, and and so a menstruation on the 19th. If that fundamental quantity arrived subsequently you had the unprotected opening sex, past it is not plausible you are pregnant.

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Anal sex after childbirth??. - August 2014 Babies | Forums | What to Expect

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